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Piping Systems Comparison: Healthcare

Safe, healthy buildings require pipes and fittings that ensure a quality water supply, and Corzan® Piping Systems hold up against other materials. Corzan pipe and fittings hold up under all water conditions, like water hardness, in congruence with NSF 61.

Along with more than 50 years of proven performance, Lubrizol’s piping systems can withstand highly chlorinated water in temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, required for biofilm remediation, unlike stainless steel, copper, PPR and PEX. Issues with copper, such as leaching into water, can cause health problems and also can be the source of water contamination.

Using Corzan pipe and fittings in a healthcare facility means a more stable system, helping maintain efficiency and budget stability. What’s more, mechanical joining capabilities ensure alterations and retrofits can be completed quickly and reliably, getting essential piping systems back online in minutes or hours.

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A hospital in northern Florida chose Corzan Plumbing piping systems to ensure that the facility provides safe, reliable water supply that is so essential to day-to-day operations and care. Upon completion in late 2017, the facility will house close to 200 beds, 20 inpatient and outpatient operating rooms, and support services, ensuring patients can have most of their healthcare needs met in one building. To learn more about why the team chose Corzan plumbing systems, read the full case study.

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