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CPVC for the housing Industry

Delivering Reliability to the Multi-family Housing Industry.

Piping Systems Comparison: Multi-family

Backed by decades of proven performance, Corzan® Piping Systems provide the long-term reliability and performance to ensure multifamily properties stand the test of time, even as residents and visitors come and go.

Corzan Piping Systems have been proven to be four times quieter than copper piping, reducing tenant complaints about pipe noise. Corzan Piping Systems can reduce installation costs by 50 percent over other materials depending on size and scope of a job. A properly installed Corzan Piping System can offer years of worry-free service, but if a cut-in or repair is ever needed, the Corzan mechanical joining system allows property managers to make the necessary alterations and get the piping systems back online quickly and reliably.

In addition, CPVC material costs are lower and more stable than copper, whose prices have skyrocketed over the past decade and are prone to fluctuations. Corzan Piping Systems can also easily withstand being used with chlorine concentrations of 3,000 ppm or more due to its inherent chlorine resistance.

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