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How to Choose the Right CPVC For Your Piping System | Corzan

By: Rob Janowiak on May 28th, 2020

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How to Choose the Right CPVC For Your Piping System | Corzan

Corzan® CPVC

Merriam-Webster defines generic as “anything that is not sold or made under a particular brand name.” But when it comes to materials, what’s in a brand name, and how does a branded material differ from a generic? For instance, in some product categories, a generic version of a material may well be an acceptable choice to accomplish the function at hand.

Thermoplastic CPVC is a piping material that can provide a solution to the shortcomings of metallic piping materials used in plumbing and HVAC, including:

However, when it comes to material technology, manufacturing quality and value-added support, all CPVC isn’t the same. That’s where a branded version of a material, such as Corzan® CPVC, is distinguished by features of how it is sold or made that are exclusive to that brand and carry difference-making benefits to the specification and installation customer. What are those differences for Corzan Piping Systems?

  • Lubrizol materials scientists invented CPVC in 1959 and continue today to formulate and improve the piping compound.
  • Because of the way that it is processed into end products, Corzan CPVC is in the best position to withstand mechanical stress and contact with chemically incompatible materials.
  • Corzan CPVC excels under conditions that could degrade and reduce the service life of many metals and other plastic materials.
  • Corzan CPVC is only manufactured by partner pipe companies meeting rigorous production and quality standards.
  • Once Corzan CPVC pipe and fittings are ready for market, Lubrizol takes a value-added approach to supporting the customer that no other company does.

To help you better understand why these differences matter in setting up your piping system for long-term success, and why Corzan CPVC can help you exceed your timeline, budget and performance goals, download Choosing the Right CPVC For Your Piping System: An E-Book for Piping System Designers and Installers.


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