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CPVC Piping System Resources

Corzan® Piping Systems

Backed by Lubrizol Corporation's 60 years of experience with chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), Corzan® Piping Systems is trusted by the most demanding industries.

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Corzan® CPVC Is the Non-Metallic Option for Water Quality

Understanding the capabilities of engineered piping materials not typically covered in college curricula can be a daunting task for plumbing engineers. For those interested in considering alternative materials to copper, such as CPVC, that knowledge is best acquired by doing one’s own research into performance properties and product testing and reaching out to manufacturers’ specialists to further unlock insights.

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Is Corzan CPVC Approved for Use in Plenums?

In most commercial buildings, the areas above the suspended ceiling used for air circulation are identified as air plenums. These cavities are particularly challenging during a fire, explains Sewell Direct: They contain a lot of fresh oxygen that can make a fire grow quickly and because the air is forced, smoke and fumes can spread throughout the building.

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Corzan HVAC Design Guide

HVAC Design Guide

Delve deeper into CPVC's capabilities, benefits and performance in HVAC applications.