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Commercialized in 1958, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) is a thermoplastic produced by chlorination of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin. Two-thirds of CPVC resin’s weight is salt; only one-third is from petroleum resources.

Pipe manufacturers use Lubrizol’s CPVC powder as the raw material to manufacture CPVC piping under brand names such as FlowGuard Gold®, Blazemaster®, and Corzan®.

Corzan is ideally suited for commercial applications as well as a wide variety of process industries requiring corrosion resistance at high temperatures. Corzan pipe is available up to 24″ in diameter. Corzan pipe from select manufacturers meets the 24448 cell class up to 8″ diameter, as defined by ASTM D1784.


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What are the benefits of CPVC Piping Systems?

With 60 years of proven performance, Corzan CPVC is the ideal choice for high-capacity, high-pressure commercial potable water systems. Corzan has proven to be:


Corzan CPVC plumbing systems will not pit, scale, or corrode like metallic systems—regardless of water quality.

Cost efficient

A Corzan CPVC system costs less and is faster and easier to install than traditional metal systems. No torches required. Pipe and fitting are solvent-welded quickly and firmly. Also, over the long term, the Corzan system offers additional savings because it is highly energy efficient.


Pipes and fittings up to 24″ meet the needs of nearly any commercial project.


This CPVC product line has been proven by NSF International to be four times quieter than a copper plumbing system. This is key for hotels, dorms, hospitals, and multifamily dwellings where sound transmission and acoustic control are a concern.

Plenum approval

Water-filled ½” and 6″ SCH 80 Corzan pipe have a flame and smoke rating less than 25/50 in accordance with UL 723/ASTM E84.


Corzan Piping Systems Pricing and Availability

Compared to other piping materials, Corzan CPVC is a more cost-effective plumbing solution for most residential and commercial buildings. It delivers great value when considering its ease of installation, long-term durability and resistance to water disinfectants (e.g. chlorine and chlorine dioxide).


Partner Manufacturers

Corzan Piping Systems’ products are widely available through our network of partner manufacturers. We only work with manufacturers who exhibit a proven track record of quality and reliability. Learn more about our Partner Manufacturers.









If you're interesting in specifying Corzan CPVC for your industrial application, our team of product and engineering specialists would love to discuss your needs. They will also advise you on which partner manufacturer to turn to for the best, localized support.

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