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Controlling corrosion in commercial plumbing and hydronic HVAC piping is essential in order to protect water quality for the design life of the system. Setting up a piping system for long-term success is easier with smooth, corrosion-resistant piping that complies with NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 under all conditions and temperatures, and can be designed for flow without compensating for pressure drops due to corrosion and scale buildup.

Specifier Considerations for Piping


#1 Water quality basics

When choosing a piping system material, ensure that it will:

  • Withstand aggressive ANSI/ASHRAE Guideline 188 water treatment protocols.
  • Resist the biofilm growth that can lead to waterborne illness like Legionnaires’ disease.
  • Avoid leaching metallic contaminants above recommended limits for safe drinking, if a water supply’s pH falls below 6.5.

#2 Design basics

When designing your piping system, ensure that it will:

  • Provide the required temperature and pressure range for commercial and institutional applications.
  • Maintain maximum flow rates over the life of the system by not pitting or scaling.
  • Be approved for return air plenums.
  • Be third-party tested for compatibility with ancillary products.

Benefits of Corzan CPVC Piping Systems

Are the shortcomings of metallic piping materials plaguing your projects? Thermoplastic Corzan CPVC is a reliable alternative to metal that provides a solution to corrosion, scale buildup and the associated reduced flow area, concerns about biofilm growth and the risk of Legionella-based illness.

Learn more about why Corzan CPVC excels under conditions that could degrade and  reduce the service life of many metals here.

Material Suitability Resources

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  • White Paper: Why You Need To Know About Municipal Water Chemistry
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Design & Other Resources

  • BIM Offerings
  • ASPE Accredited CEU Training
  • Corzan Sizing Tool
  • Thermal Expansion Calculator
  • Blog post: CPVC Pipe Insulation Guide: Everything You Need To Know
  • Plenum Ratings
  • FBC System Compatible Product Finder

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