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Mechanical joining

Installation & Alteration

Minimal maintenance is typically required after installing Corzan® Piping Systems in your facilities. With anti-corrosive qualities, the systems perform in the harshest water conditions, including elevated temperatures with highly chlorinated water. Installing and managing a Corzan Piping Systems is easier than ever with mechanical joining capabilities that allow for alterations with limited downtime. Customers currently using the cut-groove system are experiencing a labor savings and a decrease in downtime of up to 90% in hospitals, hotels, apartments and other commercial facilities. 

Mechanical Joining

Corzan Piping Systems are known for their efficient, dependable solvent-weld installation method. Now installers have even more options, with mechanical joining capabilities for Corzan pipes that reduce downtime during alterations while still offering that same reliability.

Depending on the application, installers can take two approaches: use a cut-groove tool to groove the existing pipe and apply a mechanical coupling to complete the joint or, alternatively, install a pre-grooved pipe and then apply the mechanical coupling.

Developing mechanical grooving systems for Corzan pipe and fittings was a years-long process to ensure methods did not compromise the long-term performance of the pipe and joints. The cut-groove methods went through well over 20,000 hours of testing, where everything from pressure to bending moment was evaluated to existing ASTM and UL piping standards.

Lubrizol recommends first-time users complete a short training on proper operation of the cut- groove tool prior to use. For a demonstration, training and ordering, contact your Corzan piping consultant at 855-735-1431 or fill out our contact form.

 Mechanical joining installation

Installed Corzan pipe 

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