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Sizing Tool

The Corzan® sizing tool helps optimize the design of piping systems for water supply applications as well as the implementation of expansion loops. The fixture unit conversions completed in this tool are based on the Uniform Plumbing Code 2010.

To use the calculator, piping system designers and engineers simply input the parameters of the system, such as pressure losses, minimum daily service pressure, and pipe type, and the tool will determine the allowable friction loss, velocity, and demand flow rate. This tool also provides the number of supported fixtures, rather than just flow velocity or gallons per minute. In addition, the design calculator outputs temperature dependent maximum non-shock operating pressure and water hammer surge pressure.

The design calculator also can be used in the field to calculate the size and number of expansion loops required to accommodate the typical expansion and contraction of commercial systems. Users input pipe lengths, maximum temperature, and minimum temperature, and the calculator outputs the expansion loop size for each run of pipe.

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