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Sustainable Building Credits

Corzan’s® Life Cycle Assessment

In an effort to fully understand the impact of our products as well as to support the needs of architects, Lubrizol completed a life-cycle assessment for Corzan Piping Systems globally and in North America. The result is a baseline report the assesses the cradle-to-grave environmental impacts of the system, including the raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, use and end of life stages. The evaluation was conducted by third-party agency ERM and peer reviewed by Dr. Walter Klöppfer, Editor-In-Chief of the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment.

For more specific information about the LCA, visit the Home Innovation’s website and read more about NGBS Green Certified Products (Practice 610.1.2.1 Product LCA, 2 points).

View Corzan’s NGBS Green Certified Product Certificate.

To obtain a copy of Corzan’s LCA, please contact us.

LEED Credits

With the completion of the LCA, Corzan plumbing systems now contribute to LEED credits under a few categories under LEED v4 BD+C.

  • Materials & Resources: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization, Environmental Product Declarations. Specifiers can earn 1 point for including at least 20 products from five different manufacturers with disclosure material consisting of a product-specific declaration, an EPD or a USGBC-approved program.
  • Material & Resources: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization, Multi-Attribute Optimization. Specifiers can earn 1 point for using products that comply with one of several criteria for 50%, by cost, of the total value of permanently installed products in the project. Structure and enclosure materials may not constitute more than 30% of the value of compliant building products.
  • Materials & Resources: Construction and Demolition Waste Management, Diversion. Specifiers can earn 1-2 points by using recycled and/or salvaged nonhazardous construction and demolition materials.
  • Materials & Resources: Healthcare, BPT Source Reduction: Lead, Cadmium and Copper. Specifiers can earn 2 points by specifying substitutes for material manufactured with lead and cadmium.
  • Innovation: Building Material Human Hazard and Exposure Assessment. Specifiers can earn 1 point by using at least 5 different permanently installed products from at least two different manufacturers with validated hazard assessment and exposure for each substance.
  • Innovation: Integrative Analysis of Building Materials. Specifiers can earn 1 point by using at least three different permanently installed products that have a documented qualitative analysis of the potential health, safety and environmental impacts of the product in five stages of the product’s life cycle (product assembly/manufacturing, building product installation, product use product maintenance, end of product life/reuse).


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